Looking at naked pictures of own wife

I have been away from home on business for over 2 months and I miss my wife terribly. I don’t have a prediction of when I will return home. I talked her into showing her body to me via a webcam, nothing “dirty”, just her womanly figure. She did this because she knows how lonely I am and how much I miss her. Would you consider that a sin? And what if I were to take it further and use masturbation for the same reason, to feel closer to her and our act of love?

No, masturbation is never fine. As for looking at the pictures alone, I would rely on something putting her in a different light and focusing on her role as your companion and the woman at your side, such as, say, a wedding photo.

why is M fine in this instance?

It is not and it never is. I ommitted “never” by clerical error. Great thanks for pointing it out. I apologise for my lack of diligence.

your welcome :slight_smile:

As far as looking at the naked pictures, it depends. If it leads to disordered desire for your wife (i.e. using her as an object in your mind), then it would be a sin. Otherwise, no.

Masturbation is NEVER an act of love.

I wish I had a wife period. In response to your concern, I personally would consider it an honor if my wife did that for me. You say she did nothing dirty and it was just her feminine form. The female form is one of God’s greatest creations and an art. It’s not dirty if God made it. Besides God called all of His creations good. It becomes dirty by what we humans do. Surely paintings, photos, sculptures and other forms of art that depict nudity without showing private parts. Is that not art? Take the Creation painting in the Vatican a nude man is reaching out to God. If that is so bad, why didn’t one Pope from the time it was created until today not have it covered? Or the statute of David?

Just a quick thought. Back to your question. Their are 3 perameters to see if you sin.

  1. Wishing for something- an emotional response
  2. Wanting it- a little stronger emotional response
  3. Willing it to happen- You went ahead to do it. Like mastrubation. If had a wife that looked hot. I would probility wait until I got home. Then I would ***BLEEP!***:tsktsk: Whoops, I started thinking too much about women just now. Was it getting warm around here or was it just me ? All you fire fighters out there might have to respond to a personal 3 alarm fire (me).


personally i would consider this type of thing to be an occasion of sin…what good is it to you getting yourself worked up even more…as your post shows this perhaps is leading you to think of a sinful activity…
but it is mutual one might say,in all truth the actions may be mutual but there is no bonding (oneness),that is where it becomes mutual(in the bonding)
peace be with you YesIamBlind.my prayers are for you to remain chaste,till you can be ONE with your wife again.

In addition to all the reasons other posters gave… just think of all the IT techs, internet service technicians and bandwidth engineers who also got to see your wife naked. Unless you are in the White House, there is no such thing as a private internet connection.

“just think of all the IT techs, internet service technicians and bandwidth engineers who also got to see your wife naked.”

Yep. These people have the time to view a few billion pages every day. :rolleyes:

Dude… If your wife is even a little bit “hot” there is a fair chance that she could wind up on a porno site… and you know what happens then! There are webcam sniffers that scan the internet 24 hours a day looking for interesting images. This isn’t cool and it isn’t funny.

A few snap shots would be fine as long as they don’t cause you to “whack”… Good luck with that!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news my friend, but it sounds like wedding photos and self control would be your best option if you miss her. If you fail, there is always the sacrament of confession.


Although I have been a member for less than a year, I am absolutely stunned by the number of questions relative to the sin of masturbation. Now, although this question does not specifically address this subject, many answers do.

I would agree that, in most cases, masturbation, per #2352 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a mortal sin. However, what I believe almost everyone fails to take into consideration (or simply chooses to ignore) is the pastoral direction following #2352. That suggestion follows.

“To form an equtable judgment about the subjects’ moral responsibility, one must take into account the affective immaturity, force of acquired habit, conditions of anxiety or other psychological or social factors that lessen, if not even reduce to a minimum, moral culpability.”

Is that not saying that masturbation may notbe a mortal sin in some instances?

Ergo, a normal healthy married man, with a normal healthy sex life, after an extended period of separation from his wife, may experience “conditions of anxiety or other psychological factors” that may lead him to masturbation to relieve said conditons, and may not result in mortal sin. I contend that these conditions may exist for the individual asking the question referenced and for many others who have asked this question during the past year.

Yes, masturbation is a sin. However, it may not always be mortal in nature.**

While there is always a possibility of internet communications being intercepted by a third party, it is not something I would consider likely. I don’t think we should give the OP unrealistic cause to worry. The likelihood that anyone but himself saw the images is quite remote.

On a similar note, though, he should not keep the images on his hard drive if he ever intends to take the computer to a repair service. Techs do look at the hard drives of clients for such things (I used to work at technical services at CompUSA, so I saw this).

Now to the moral issue.

This seems to be fairly well covered here. Masturbation is always sinful.

Here is what I would say: You need to look for a new line of work. It is pretty clear that this is a strain on you and takes you away from your family life. If I were you, I would get out of that job and into one where I could be with my family regularly ASAP.

Well, as this thread is quite old, hopefully you’ve smartened up.
Mastrubation is healthy. Fact. You and your wife could even
Share this experience, and end long lonely, frustrated nights.
Masturbating together, may even allow you and your wife to
Become more intimate, and appreciate each others sexuality.
From seeing how she touches herself, and you, yourself, there
Is a great deal that can be learned about your sex life.
It may feel “sinful”, or “naughty”… There is another word for that:
“exciting”. Being exceited by your wife, is a good thing.
Will it lead to further temptation? Maybe. That depends on your
I doubt you actually harbor a strong belief, in not reliving yourself.
I’m quite certain you already have, and are more looking for either
Justification, absolution, or gloating.
I’m leaning towards the last, as it seems somewhat forbidden to you
(or did), but I tipy hat to you sir. Your in love with your wife, and you
Want to express it. That’s a very good thing.
I wish the two of you all the best, and I hope you can shed your shyness
Toward intimacy with each other.
There is no better sex, then married sex.
(and yes I am able to compare it to alternatives)

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