Looking for a Beautiful Celebration of the Mass

I am looking for a beautiful celebration of the Mass in Toledo, Ohio. Of course, every Mass is beautiful because our Lord is present in the Eucharist, but I am looking for faithful people who participate, good/moving music (I tend to prefer fewer instruments, but that’s just me), a strong homily, faithful to the teachings of the Church, an air of reverence and joy, and a general understanding among the congregants of the significance of the Mass. Solemn but joyful!

Even if you are not from Toledo, if you have experienced such a Mass, please share the name of the parish and the location.

I know how you feel. Here’s a website to fix the problem. www.fssp.com:doh2:

Thank you, Joseph!

Here’s another good one: institute-christ-king.org. They have oratories in several cities, including here in St. Louis: St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

I was seriously just about to post this same thing. The High Mass on Sundays at 10 is definately the most beautiful liturgy I’ve ever attended! :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me where there is a Latin Mass in San Francisco?


You’re very welcome, God bless!

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