Looking for a Benedictine ring


Tad embarrassed to post this here :o, as it really isn't* directly* spiritual, I guess--but here goes:

I am about 1/3 way through Oblate Formation (prayers appreciated :) ), and am looking for an "outward sign" to wear after Oblation. :)

Yes, I know about the necklaces ;) , but I already wear a Crucifix that I obtained on our honeymoon, so another necklace would be a bit hard to do.

I have found 1 site that had a very nice silver ring (and a gold one, too) that had the Cross of St Benedict (or, in another version, St Benedict himself), but they seem to be out of business:(

Any help greatly appreciated




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I really, really appreciated your attempt.

Unfortunately, the home page has


GemOptions Jewelry is closed as we are moving to another State.We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.


This is actually the 1 site I mentioned in my original post.

Thanks so much for trying, though:)


I found this. They have men's and women's rings.




Really nice. Thank you:)


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