Looking for a Bible that may not exist.... help please!


I had a look around and couldn’t find what I am after. I am looking for a very specific bible. Unfortunately, I’m starting to wonder if it just doesn’t exist.

I’m looking for something along the lines of a journaling bible, with space for notes on each page, but it needs to have verse cross-references. I would be overjoyed to find it as an NRSVCE or RSVCE bible but would be fine with Jerusalem or New Jerusalem if need be.

I have found a few journaling or interleaved bibles that I really like, but they either do not have references, are the wrong translation or don’t have the Deuterocanonical books.

Sorry to be so ridiculously picky, can someone give me some recommendations please?

Thank you.



this might be it for you


Hi Goodmanc!

I’d suggest Amazon or Christianbooks (they sell Catholic Bibles, too). If they don’t have any that will meet your needs, try Googling and see what you can find. Good hunting!


That one looks really cool!


I saw that one and really loved it! But as I’m in the UK, I’m avoiding American translations… :frowning:


Are you a convert?


This is why I LOVE Bibles on my Kindle. I can make all of the notes I wish, have hyperlinked cross references, and it fits in my pocket!


Not exactly, I was a closet Christian for a long time and have spent the last couple of years finding where I fit. I am a Catholic Anglican, so it’s complicated. :slight_smile:


Reasons I asked is that writing in bibles is probably more prevalent as a Protestant activity. Just me, but I value the book too much to write in it.

Your mileage may vary!

Protestant sites might have such a bible, but it would be limited to 66 books, which is theologically and canonically incomplete.


No problem, I was a bit unsure about writing in one at first as well. In the end I decided that it couldn’t be too bad if the bible was designed to be written in. I find it quite helpful for studying. Although, I have a collection of bibles, but I wouldn’t dream of going near those with a pencil. :open_mouth:

The Protestant or Catholic bible has been the most common issue for me. There are a lot of protestant journaling bibles etc but then it’s not the full bible. Especially as one of my favourite books is Sirach, I’d rather get the bible in its entirety.


I don’t know of any journaling Bibles except the one listed above, though I saw some pricey ones on Etsy. However, I came across this, and if you’re artsy you might like it. I think they have tips for using regular Bibles as well.


While I can understand that, it is still a Catholic Bible approved by our bishops. As you are journaling you can always compare translations in the margins. I love comparing translations. It makes my study time so much more enriching.


I pasted together my Bible like Thomas Jefferson…


If you are looking to make notes and things like that, I would recommend getting a digital bible. Many of the digital bibles offered through such places as the iPhone App store or Logos Bible Software, etc., are highly portable and offer the types of functionality you seem to be looking for. They frequently have notes, bookmarks, high-lighting, underlining, cross-references, etc.


If I was you I’d get the NRSV w deuterocanonical books instead of the Catholic edition. Then you get the three texts in the appendix of the Vulgate that Pope Clement Vlll said should continue to be read lest they utterly perish.


You could also make space by adding paper over the notes.

I’ll be honest, painting over pages etc seems a bit much to me, but to each his own. If it encourages you to study scripture then it’s an overall good thing I suppose.


The first recorded case of cutting and pasting???


That’s Thomas for you :roll_eyes:

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