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Don’t know if this is the right place to put his, I tried on the book club and for some reason it won’t let me post there:shrug: Anyway, I don’t know the author or the title, but it is Catholic Fiction, the main character in one of the books is Pope Francis, could anyone please help me, I want to give these as gifts, I gave my copy to a friend who does not know what she did with them:( Anyway thank you and God bless.

There was a novel a few years back called the Perfect Joy of St. Francis. No Pope Francis, sorry.

Thanks for you help, I just found the title this morning, it’s called “Wolves Among the Ruins” by A. J. West, it’s a very good fiction book. I am looking for other good Catholic suspense, fiction books. Any ideas?

Looks interesting. Was the rest of the trilogy ever written and published?

I would recommend any of the books by Michael D. O’Brien. He writes excellent Catholic fiction. The six books of his I have are all part of a series called “The Children of the Last Days”:

  1. Father Elijah
  2. Strangers and Sojourners
  3. The Plague Journal
  4. Eclipse of the Sun
  5. A Cry of Stone
  6. Sophia House

The books all stand on there own and could be read in any order, although Books 2, 3, & 4 form a trilogy within the larger work. Still, even the trilogy follows a family over the course of 100 years, so you could read those out of order and probably still be okay (although if you’re like me, the thought of reading things “out of order” is frightening! :o ). My favorite of the series is “Eclipse of the Sun”. These books aren’t fluff fiction, but I found them to be quite engaging.

He also has a new one out called The Island of the World.

I’ve just recently read these:

The Secret Cardinal

The Devil’s Advocate

Both fantastic Catholic novels - highly recommended.

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot my all time favorite!!! Pierced by a Sword :thumbsup:


As far as I know the rest of the books have not been published, this is a really awesome book, wish he would would finish the trilogy.

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