Looking For A Catholic Bible

What is the best place to get a Catholic Bible? I’m short on cash I’m looking for a good one for a cheap price

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It depends, what are you looking for in a bible?

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Lots of Catholic stores have them. If you are short on cash you can always, in the meantime, get one online. The laudate app has one. Make sure if you do get one that it is Catholic approved!


You should be able to get a full copy of an Ignatius RSVCE2 edition for around $20-$25, perhaps even cheaper if you look for used copies.

I do not recommend any New American Bible editions.


The Vatican has the New American Bible online for free.


If you don’t like that and want a more traditional Bible, then the Douay Rheims (one of the most common pre-Vatican II Catholic Bibles) is also online for free.


If you absolutely must have a physical Bible, like for a gift or something, I’d suggest you look in Catholic gift shops to see what’s available and what you might want, then you can shop around online for the best price.

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Check amazon for cheap used catholic bibles.


About 19 bucks at Ignatius press


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In any event, consider Church advice and get the latest translations. For example, you can use NABRE with historical and language notes for study and NRSV-CE Prayer Bible for prayer and reflection.

Meanwhile, wait for the new edition of NABRE (by 2025), which should be approved for personal use, prayer, and liturgy in the U.S., and the Catholic edition of the NRSV Updated Ed.

There are a few recent editions (from 1983) of Catholic bibles approved by USCCB.

  • New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE)
  • New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, National Council of Churches
  • Good News Translation (Today’s English Version, Second Edition), American Bible Society
  • Translation for Early Youth, A Translation of the New Testament for Children, Contemporary English Version, American Bible Society

Some prior approved editions in English:

  • Douay-Rheims-Challoner (1752 and 1899 American version)
  • Knox (1950)
  • Jerusalem Bible (1966)
  • Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition (1966)
  • New American Bible (1970)

I purchased a few bibles used, in excellent condition.


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Bible Gateway app or YouVersion’s Bible app both have Catholic editions of the RSV. YouVersion’s bible app also has the NABRE

Depends what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a readable Bible at a cheap price, you can find them pretty cheap anywhere on the web. Thriftbooks for example:

If you want a good Bible where you can trust all the footnotes get
Douay Rheims Bible Confraternity

Several priced under $10

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The Navarre Bible is the best Catholic bible, hands-down. It is the most faithful and beautiful in it’s commentary. Now, know that it does not come bound as one book, but as many books (the bible is really a whole library, after all) but you can get the whole New Testament as one book. The new copies are around $70 but I got one used on eBay for $10.

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The libraries in my are hold book sales a couple of times a year. Last week I bought a Jerusalem Bible for $3 and was quite proud of myself until I got home and found that I bought the same one last year at my parish garage sale for $1.


Think of it as a solid investment, and save up for a good Bible. Some Bibles are well bound and readable, others are flimsy and difficult on the eyes. If you have a Catholic store or a library near you, examine the Bibles mentioned by other posters on this forum post.

Keep in mind, there are differences in the Bibles printed before Vatican 2 and after Vatican 2. For e.g., the text Isaiah 7:14 will be translated as “Behold a virgin shall conceive”, and also as “Behold a young woman shall conceive”. Many of the modern Catholic Bibles are influenced by modern scholarship. The older Catholic Bibles present the text keeping in mind the traditional understanding of Sacred Scripture.

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I would check Amazon, go to a Catholic bookstore or look at a Half Price Books if there is one near you.

The Didache Bible is a bit more but worth every penny. It has the references to the catechism of the Catholic Church in it with footnotes.

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Oh, my :frowning: Why is this so?

The Didache is great if you’re doing in depth study and the apologetical references are top notch.

If your reading the Bible for the first time, then I suggest buying the New Living Translation Catholic Edition.

It has text and footnotes approved by the Indian Bishops and is extremely easy to read but quite literal. I’m reading from Genesis to Revelation and it’s amazing in understandable language.

It cost me $45 NZD but is printed in Italy and well worth it.

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