Looking for a Catholic Counsellor


In preparation for my marriage, I have begun to realise that it would be helpful for me to work through some issues in my past with a counsellor. I have never found secular counsellors particularly helpful.

I am looking for a Catholic counselor, but can only find marriage counsellors that are specifically Catholic in orientation, and the issues I am working through are not specifically marriage related.

I’ve looked on the website for my diocese, and the neighbouring diocese of Westminster (London), Westminster runs a counselling service for the deaf, which is a service that is lacking in the secular sphere, but nothing that I can find in the way of more general counselling.

Anybody have any suggestions?



I do not thikn that there are any listings for London on there, however, if you email them, maybe they could help you out. Just a thought. I would also suggest talking with your priest, maybe he could have a recommendation for you.


Call the ones you found in your area and ask if they know anyone. They may network w/ others in their profession.



I just did a web search and came up with a couple of others, also.

These two offer online counselling:



Best wishes to you in your upcoming marriage!



I did the same thing, and it was one of the best things I ever did! Is there a Catholic Social Services in your area? That’s where I found my counseler.


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