Looking for a Catholic Spouse (continued)


To Roseeurekacross…. You stated, “Your view of psychology because of your parents, and the woman you thought you were married to, but found not to be in a real marriage, so therefore she is free to marry or date again, and is now with a Psychologist, is totally irrelevant.” Even though this sentence is almost incomprehensible, I assume you mean that my experience with my parents and my wife are not grounds for stating that Psychology and it’s diagnoses of disorders is based on subjective criteria and for stating that psychology is not a science. Actually, I cited an article that clearly explained the universal criteria for something to qualify as science and psychology does not meet that criteria. Psychology can offer insight into behavior but so can music and literature and they are not sciences. I’m sure psychology has helped some people but it really pales in comparison to say medicine when it comes to making a diagnosis, a treatment plan and a prognosis.

I keep having to lead you back to my posts and suggest that you read them carefully so that you understand the entire message instead of focusing on a single fact or a single sentence and reacting only to that isolated thing because it allows you to continue to be judgmental, arrogant and condemning. People with a propensity to be judgmental and condemning are usually wounded and insecure. I will sincerely pray for you.

You also state, “see, here is the problem, if we ask her, she will have a litany of issues of what you did to her. you sound very unforgiving of a woman in a marriage the church found to be invalid.” Let’s take these statements one by one, but after this post I’m done trying to encourage you be charitable and logical. It’s frustrating and fruitless.

First of all, she doesn’t have to provide you with a litany of issues of what I did to her. Remember this post?

“I wept with remorse at my sin, sought help, made amends, and changed my behavior.” I admitted my sin. I also commented in my initial post that I was also responsible for the demise of my marriage. Does that clear that issue up for you? Probably not. Finally, the fact that the church found the marriage to be invalid does not give her the green light to enter into and persist in mortal sin. Are you really a Catholic?

Regarding your statement that I am unforgiving. I have forgiven her and never stated otherwise. I simply stated that she deeply hurt me and our children with her deception and infidelity. Even if I sinned against her it doesn’t justify her deception and infidelity. And may I point out again that I repented and she didn’t. That might not matter to you but repentance, amends and a change of behavior matter very much to God.

It appears that a few of the Catholics on this website think that God’s primary characteristics are justice and judgement. You are mistaken. His primary characteristics are love, mercy and forgiveness. Try to be charitable and compassionate and if you are unable to do so, then I would suggest refraining from making any further posts and taking some time to pray for grace. Peace be with you.


The last thread on this was closed. I don’t think you’re supposed to start another one on the same topic when that happens.


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