Looking for a Chapel Missal - Suggestions and Experience?


I am interested purchasing a chapel sized Roman Missal. Suggestions would be appreciated but I don’t want to spend a ton of money.

The one at LTP looks interesting - ltp.org/p-2313-the-roman-missal-chapel-edition.aspx. Does anyone have experience with this product? What does “cased-in “flush-foot” with the pages aligned to the bottom of the case cover” mean?

Are there others I should be looking at? What to look for? What to avoid? Your suggestions and experience are warmly welcomed.



Just noticed that the ritual edition is on sale for $60!




Assuming you are not asking about one for the EF, a subscription to The Magnificat might be worth looking into.


Our Chapel Missal is a loose leaf type, as the Deacons make frequent visits to the nursing home and assisted living care. They are able to take the pages and copy them to prepare.
I don’t know which one it is though, I’ll have to look. :shrug:


I’m looking for a large priest’s missal, not a pew missal.



Ah. Sorry, can’t help there. Have you asked the pastor?


Go to the website for the Catholic Book Publishing Company; their Missals and Lectionaries tend to be less expensive than LTP’s.


One factor to consider is that the ones from Catholic Book Publishing (CBP) have been updated.

The new CPB version has updated the Eucharistic Prayers to include mentioning St Joseph. They completely updated the pages; not just added a sticker or stamped some words on the pages.

The CBP version uses very thin pages. That’s a trade-off. It makes the book smaller and more manageable (they don’t try to close themselves) but the pages are rather thin and need to be treated with a little more care. It won’t warp as quickly as the others when used on a Missal stand.

What I’ve seen from the other publishers they are still giving the purchaser stickers to update the pages at home. It’s one thing to check before buying. I haven’t looked lately (about 6 months).

I recently bought 2 chapel size editions from CBP. One direct from them, and one from Amazon (drop shipped from CBP).

I’ve tried the Magnificat version. Beautiful too look at, but near impossible to use at Mass. The book will not stay open (and that’s after 3 years use, which is why I bought new ones). The pages are constantly closing and turning on their own. Also, the page tabs are user-installed; and they’re incomplete; a major drawback. It’s nice for use at a desk (as a scholarly reference) if one does not install the tabs. It’s also nice for use at the Presider’s Chair (again, don’t install the tabs).

The one from the USCCB Publishing is acceptable, but very scholarly-looking and cold (almost sterile looking). There’s some nice artwork scattered throughout, but the book and the text itself look more like a reference book than a prayer book. It’s very “cold.”

One possibility to consider is that the publishers might be trying to move their old stock before re-printing to update the Eucharistic Prayers. I’m not certain, but it’s worth inquiring before spending a lot of money to buy one.

I’m now on my third generation of the current Roman Missal.
I tried Magnificat.
I tried USCCB Publishing.
Now I’m using CBP. I hope I can get a few years out of those before buying new ones.


Both sizes are on sale.

It makes one wonder “why?” It’s a big discount (2/3 off is huge), so it makes me wonder if there is an updated printing coming soon and they’re trying to purge their old stock.

The price is certainly appealing.


The situation is probably not as bad as in the 60’s and early 70’s when they were transitioning the Mass texts and rubrics and using more and more vernacular. And changing the translations along the way.


I didn’t mean to imply that anything was “bad.” Just that they might be updating the printings. It might be adding St Joseph to the EPs (maybe?). It might just be that they decided on new cover art. It might also be that they simply printed too many of the 3rd editions of the Missal and they need to clear out some warehouse space.

I’m merely speculating here. I don’t know why they dropped the price so much. It’s almost 2/3 off the original price. Publishing companies don’t do that without a very good reason.

What I do know is that there’s no 4th edition of the Roman Missal coming out any time in the near future. Considering how long it took for us to get the 3rd edition, I don’t think we have to worry about the next edition taking anyone by surprise :rolleyes:


You’re speaking about the 2002 edition in Latin or the one approved in English in 2011?

I think the Pope recently did make a change in the Latin EP2, EP3, and EP4. EP1 already had the St. Joseph in it, though he was Spouse to the same Virgin.


Your experience and insight, and he fact that you took the time to reply in such a detailed way is appreciated more than you know.



Just quickly. Pope Francis approved the change, but that didn’t change the actual books. The publishers have provided stickers with the mention of St. Joseph. I don’t know what other companies have done, but the altar missals from CBP have been completely updated so that there’s no need for stickers or other notes (or the priest’s memory) to add St Joseph.


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