Looking for a church in or around Daytona, Fl

Will be helping the in-laws move across country and will be in or around Daytona, Fl over a week-end. Can somebody recommend a church for Sunday mass around that area which isn’t too far from I-95?

I tried using masstimes.org but I keep getting a database error when I plug in that area.

Thanks in advance.

Ugh. I just clicked in to recommeded masstimes.com to you!!!:rolleyes:

Can you google the diocese in that area and find out something that way?:slight_smile:

And how do I find the diocese in that area?

searched google 1.found florida catholic webpage.
2.used links to jump to local diocese web
3 found out they are covered by orlando dio
search orlando dio found this.
scroll through the list for daytona beach.
have fun and stay cool.:knight1:

You could also check out the Old Cathedral at St. Augustine. Only 35-40 minutes from Daytona.

Very beautiful city and also quite educational.

Ya beat me to it bwavnit! I just love google!!

Here’s a link to Our Lady of Lourdes, where we would go when we visited: ourladyoflourdesdaytona.catholicweb.com/


Go to… maps.google.com/maps, then under the search box click on “find businesses”…
Search for “catholic church” in “Daytona Beach, FL”…
Should get a few options there… at least phone numbers to call!

In nearby New Smyrna Beach (where we just spent the last week for vacation)… there’s a few there too…

Hope that helps!

You could also check out the Old Cathedral at St. Augustine. Only 35-40 minutes from Daytona.

Very beautiful city and also quite educational.

Daytona Beach and St. Augustine are 50-60 miles apart, so it’s a bit more of a drive than that.

I live in the ‘Daytona Beach area’. Give me an idea where you will be staying, I’ll point you in the right direction. Depending where you are staying (Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, you get the idea) there are several options, some easy access to I-95, others a few turns away. I attend Sacred Heart in New Smyrna Beach, if it’s not out of your way, it is a wonderful parish. Let me know, I’ll give you some options.

I won’t be staying – just passing through and I estimate that I’ll be in that area traveling along I-95 Sunday morning.

Ok, your easiest bet is Our Lady of Hope in Port Orange ladyofhope.org/ It is an easy off I-95 (exit 256) go east about 1/2 mile to your first major intersection (it’s either the third or fourth light) which is Clyde Morris Blvd, turn left (north), about 1/2 mile up on the right is OLH. Port Orange is about 9 miles south of Daytona Beach proper. If you are not going that far south, let me know, I’ll give you another option.

I used to go to Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Daytona (Ormond) Beach, when I lived their. Nice church. Check it out!.

Thank you.

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