Looking for a good criticism of Buddhism


Can anyone provide me with one? I’ve looked all over the internet, but I can’t find anything substantial. They’re all either by atheists criticizing the “superstitious” aspects of it or Buddhists refuting poor criticisms. So, if anyone could provide me with a nice, substantial theistic criticism of Buddhism I would be greatly appreciative.



 Peter Kreeft is one of my favorite authors and i think he's an absolute genius. Click this url and it will take you to his site directly to his writing on Buddhism. It's an excerpt out of his book *Fundamentals of the Faith*. I haven't read it yet but i have it (Getting through *The Lord of the Rings* right now). Take a look at his site, look at his featured writings and audios, it also has a list of his books. There might be a better piece on Buddhism from a Christian, but i think this is pretty good.



look in back issues of This Rock, links on the homepage, within the last couple of years was excellent issue devoted to Buddhism with several articles, and successive issues had rebuttals and more discussion.


One time, I saw an episode of The Journey Home on EWTN which had a convert from Buddhism from the U.K. named Paul Williams. He wrote The Unexpected Way, which is the story of his conversion and critique of Buddhism, a little pricey though. It was also available from EWTN’s catalogue.


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