Looking for a good parish church in Tucson


Hi y’all, I hope I’m posting this in the “right” place. I’ve relocated to Tucson on what may or may not be a permanent basis - I’m caring for my elderly father, and not entirely sure how long I’ll be in Tucson, but I need to find a good parish here. We live on the northwest side of town (Casas Adobes area) and I have attended Mass at a couple of local churches, but so far have not found one that really clicked with me.

My dad (who is almost 97 years old) never joined a parish officially when he moved here 10 years ago, but attends mass at several of them. I very badly NEED a supportive church family right now. I need a parish with a priest or deacon who might offer me real spiritual direction as I’m badly conflicted and stressed out in my current situation.

Please, can any of you recommend a place I might find such a parish? I don’t mind driving across the city if need be - I’m willing to do that to get the spiritual nourishment I am sorely lacking.

Thanks in advance! :heart:


St. Melany is tiny and very welcoming.

It’s a small Byzantine Catholic parish just of Speedway out near the eastern edge.

We go th4re when we visit my mother in law.



Welcome to Too-:sun_with_face:! :cactus::taco::burrito:

I sent you a PM.

God bless you.


St. Melany the Younger is a very nice little parish and so is St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Both Byzantine rite Churches and very friendly to visitors.



When I visited Tucson a year and a half ago, I went to St. Gianna Oratory, an operation of the ICKSP. It was nice. Good looking Church on the inside too.


Our lady of sorrow’s on Kobe. Has week day activities. To meet and greet


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