Looking for a good parish in Dallas - Need Advice!


Hi Guys,

My family and I will be packing up from Oklahoma and moving south to the DFW area at the beginning of the new year. We are hoping to find an orthodox / conservative parish to join as soon as we arrive in town. (Bonus points if it looks beautiful!) Does anyone have any good advice or suggestions for us? :confused:

Your help would be greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

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Hi Boomer Sooner,

I'm no where near Dallas, but if I were looking for a orthodox / conservative parish in a new city, the first thing I'd do would be to look for a parish that has perpetual adoration. In my experience as a convert then revert, that's a pretty good indicator that the folks in that parish are serious! :)

Last time I checked, you could find out this information by going to Masstimes.org

Hope this helps!


When I visited Dallas, I went to Mass at St. Basil the Great. I’d recommend looking into that.


Cistercian in Irving,TX has a conservative Mass. There are many orthodox/conservative parishes around the University of Dallas.


St. Ann Parish in Coppell, especially if you have children, but still incredible if you do not! The Life Teen Mass and youth programs are untouchable - and the kids are taught what the church says, not some watered down version. We left a parish after 13 years because it simply was no longer traditional, conservative Catholic. There are many programs for adults as well. Good luck!


My cousin attends St. Thomas Aquinas and loves it. I've only been there for her wedding so I can't give any first-hand information on the actual church, but it is a gorgeous church and they have a school that is attached to it. The neighborhood is beautiful (but I know I couldn't afford to live there :D)

If you want to PM me some specific questions, I would be glad to get the answers from her.


The DFW area is pretty huge. If you could tell us what general region of DFW you’re moving to, it would help.
That said, I can recommend 3 great places to attend mass in Irving: Cistercian Abbey (as someone already mentioned), St. Albert the Great Priory (also right by UD), and Mater Dei, which is on the border between Irving and Dallas. Mater Dei is a Fraternity of St. Peter church, so they are VERY traditional!


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