Looking for a good Spiritual Devotional book for relationships


Hi everyone!

My boyfriend and I are trying to find a good devotional book for two people in a Christian relationship. We are trying to strengthen our prayer life and make our relationship more Christ-centered. Does anybody know of any good devotional books or something for us to read together?

Thank you!!



Funny you should mention it Jaclyn… I recently was introduced to a book that is written especially for couples (I’m not 100% if that is what you are looking for though). It is geared more for married couples, but I would presume you could also use it for people who are in a relationship. I know I am giving one to my daughter and her fiancee. The title of the book is Spousal Prayer, by Deacon James Keating. It is a small and quick read.

I have to admit, my wife and I have not finished it, but what I have read so far, I love.

Link: amazon.com/Spousal-Prayer-Way-Marital-Happiness/dp/0984379282

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You could always pray the Liturgy of the Hours together. Generally, there are two groups that take turns doing the strophes of the Psalms.


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