Looking for a good study bible


HELP!!! I’ve started my new job (praise the Lord!) and have money to buy a new bible.
I have the Ignatius Press RSV New Testament I love it, but need something with both testaments. It should have footnotes,book introductions, and doctrinal notes. I want to be very Orthodox, so the NAB,NABRE, AND JERUSALEM bibles are out. I’m in a bind because
I’ve been searching through the internet and the only translations I can find are either NAB
or NABRE. Does anyone have any recommendations? :confused:


I would recommend the Catholic Rainbow Study Bible. I purchased mine back in 2001 (Good News Translation). The thing I love about it is the use of colors on every page with additional emphasis via bold and underlined text. The pages are very thin and must be handled very gently to avoid tearing, but maybe by now they have better paper. Good luck and enjoy!


Or maybe buy a Bible with approved text that you like and a good Catholic Commentary separately?

That way the commentary might be a lot better and you get a translation you like.

Pax et Bonum+


Thank you both, I’ll take your suggestions under consideration.:slight_smile:


Though only single volumes are available right now, my favorite Study Bible is in the works of being updated, the Douay-Rheims Study Bible of 1609. Its all non-profit and very inexpensive, and the printed volumes are nice and compact and easy to take anywhere. The material is the original Douay-Rheims Bible in modern spelling, and the original 1609 footnotes that are loaded with quotes from the Early Church Fathers, and all the original cross-references and introductions! 5 dollars for printed versions and 1 dollar for Kindle. You can purchase from Amazon or other distributors or there is also the rare option of buying by cash or check! sites.google.com/site/douayrheimsstudybible/home


Thanks for the info, but I would like a full bible, this one seems to be a partial bible with only
some of the new testament.


I am waiting for the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible to be completed (maybe next year?). But the New Testament is great, but it sounds like you already have it. Right now your only choice would be the D-R with commentary. Most the one volume study Bibles out there use the NABRE or are ecumenical Bibles using the NRSV


I suspect you maybe right, but I want to get input before buying a bible. I don’t mind the D-R
I just wanted to see if there were other bibles out there I could purchase.


Yes, but I am looking forward to the day when its complete! Right now I am looking at a one volume New Testament in a few months, then the Old Testament will be next! In the meantime only single volumes will be available.


Here is a very good online Catholic Bible study. It does not have all the books yet but enough to keep you busy and enriched for some time…and it’s free! All you need to do is print out what book or topic you would like to study, have a Catechism on hand and your set. It also has documents, charts and maps.



I know I am in the minority opinion on CAF discussions on Bible choice, but the NAB is still the official translation for the Church in the U.S. If the Bishops see fit to change that, then I will as well, but until then, my NAB / St. Joseph edition is just fine and dandy.


Thanks for your input, but I’m strictly a print guy, you would not catch me with a kindle.
Plus I don’t have a printer.


I’m with you on this one. There is a certain sense of obedience with it…and it’s not as bad as some make it out to be. In fact, there are places where I think the translation is much superior to other contemporary translations. For example, as many thumbs up as the RSV gets around here (and it is a decent translation and I do use it myself), it is still based primarily on a non-Catholic translations source and they still can’t manage to follow the Church’s translation law in places (e.g., Amen, Amen, vs Truly, Truly).

My only wish would be for a version without any notes. I don’t care how orthodox or heterodox they may be, but when half the page is nothing but notes it becomes quite distracting and breaks the flow of the text.


Hear, hear. The only nice thing about having a version on, say, a smartphone is that when you are out and about and just have to get that reference chapter and verse or search for a passage, it’s at your finger tips without needing to use data to go to a website.


The Oxford large print NABRE has the notes at the end of each chapter, so each page is only filled with scripture verses.


As does their compact editions as well.


I would still recommend the 1966 Jerusalem Bible (not the New Jerusalem Bible). It has copious bottom page notes with regards to history, theology, and translation issues/checks. There’s also scripture references in the margins on every page for specific verse study. It feels very “orthodox” and I recommend it.

The only issues I have with it thus far is that some of the British English feels odd to me as an American English speaker; I remember when coming across the word “gaol” in Exodus I was left scratching my head saying, “what is a gah-ohl?” :smiley: Eventually I came to the realization-without outside help-that “gaol” was the British spelling for “jail.” I’ve also come across some random verses that just don’t make sense in plain American English but thus far in reading the OT, I have not encountered too many problems.

Therefore, I recommend it for you. But beware, you may end up paying between $30-$60 on ebay for a used one. I was incredibly lucky in that there was a used bookstore close to where I live that had a very good condition, barely used JB for $6. I rarely ever get that lucky.


I could not find the bible you were talking about, I want to thank everyone who posted,
and add if you have a recommendation please give me info on where to find it.


It’s this one: www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0232481865/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used
… there’s two for sale right now, one from booknow582 costs $58.20 in original box, the other from AbeBooks Marketplace 2 costs $58.25.
I would also recommend this Bible.

When You buy from Amazon, enter through the link at the right on csntm.org and then the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts will be given a portion of Your purchase at no cost for You!:


I am with you here, 100%. The Ignatius RSV is great, but having a NABRE that is the same size and print, and 100% conformed to the Liturgy, would be awesome. The Red NABRE’s have small font and tons of notes. The Ignatius Bible is the perfect size and type, but a different translation than used in the Liturgy! Hopefully they’ll get it right, soon.

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