Looking for a little advice

Hello all, I have a question and would like some input. I am currently 29 and have been discerning a call to the diaconate for some time. Our diocese (Sacramento) requires applicants be 33 at the time of application. I understand that Canon law states married men need to be 35 by time of ordination. But I also read on USCCB.com that the Bishop can dispense a year and allow a 34 year old to be ordained.

The Sacramento Diocese has 1 year of application, 1 year of aspirancy then 4 years of formation. So if I was to be allowed in now, I would be 36 at the time of ordination (i will be 30 here in a few months). Of course I will talk to my pastor first but I was wondering what everyone else thought of this. I do not want to overstep my boundaries but I know God is calling me to this. A few have said that "if hes calling you now he will still be calling at the next class when I am “of age,” which will be in 2016. But even more have advised me to inquire more into this through the diocese vocation office. Any thought/advice would be great.

I think that it can not hurt to talk to your priest and the vocations office. The worst they can do is so “no”, but they will be able to help you with ideas for things that you could do to help in your formation process if they do require you to wait.

It can never hurt to ask the questions, IMHO. :slight_smile:

I agree, it can’t hurt to talk to the Sacramento voactions director.

Yep - talk to your priest and the director of the diaconate program.

Doing what you are contemplating doing had disastrous consequences for a man I know. He got the Bishop’s approval, he became a Deacon. But there were continuing education requirements. His family grew, there were many calls on his time. It caused problems at home and finally, he could not pay for the classes he was required to take and he was suspended from the Diaconate. And resentful. And it totally messed up his head. He was a great guy who was very sure he was called. I imagine he was. He was a great Deacon. But the demands on him and his family were simply too much.

I can tell you now, this isn’t just your “call” or about you. Unless your wife feels called also, to be the wife of a deacon and make sacrifices and work alongside you in ministry, this simply will not work. Especially as more children arrive.

Wait. That’s my advice. When you are 35 you will be astounded at how young 29 is in terms of this decision. 2016 sounds like a very good year, to me.

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