Looking for a new Bible.. again


I’m looking for a Bible (not a study Bible), that has extensive footnotes, glossary, prayers at the back (a lot of them), and a fairly in depth introduction to the translation and the Bible in general. Also, I’d love to have maps in it as well. Translation wise, I am okay with fancy words (I happen to like the old English), but I don’t mind if it’s not (though I don’t like dumb-downed English, I like the poetic feel of the Bible). I don’t want one that is liberal, and distorts the Bible’s meaning.

I realize I won’t get everything on my wishlist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I like a Bible that isn’t big, I prefer one that is medium sized (so probably 8 x 3in (something similar to that)).

Price range: $100-$200.

PS: Gotta have the ribbons to keep my pages as well. Can’t forget the ribbons, lol. xD
PSS: And it has to be a Catholic translation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there! I was basically looking for the same thing you were a traditional, accurate, Catholic version of the Bible. This is the one I bought, it’s small and has ribbons. :slight_smile: This is the Douay-Rheims version.


I bought this one because I lost my New American Bible which is infamous for its problematic footnotes, introductions, and renderings of certain passages.

Another one, I’d recommend is the Revised Standard Version - Catholic edition


The problem with the one I have though is that since its based off a different manuscript some Bible chapters and verses are numbered differently and some were may be hard to understand for some people.


The Knox Bible is a very good option if you can find it. :slight_smile:

Alternately, the Douay-Rheims Challoner is your best bet.

If you prefer contemporary (but good) English, then try either the Catholic Scripture Study Bible (it’s an RSV, but has tons of notes and apologetic essays) or the RSV, 2nd Catholic Edition (Ignatius Press).


I’m leaning towards the Douay-Rheims, but I am still open to others. I’m trying to find a site, other then amazon.ca, that accepts a Mastercard gift card and has the Douay-Rheims. The BestCatholicBible.com site doesn’t ship to Canada. :frowning:


Wow, that really stinks. Sorry to hear that :sad_yes:


Here’s some ideas from ebay:

1957 Holy Bible Catholic Red Letter Confraternity Douay Ed. Religion Theology

HOLY BIBLE Confraternity & Douay Texts REMBRANDT EDITION 1959

Good Luck!


I am not sure if they take gift cards, but try www.christianbook.com/


I think you have too many constraints. May I suggest what the Pontifical Biblical Commission suggested in its (c. 1993) document, Interpretation of the Bible in the Church? They said to read the Bible alongside a commentary. OK, so that’s NOT my suggestion, it’s their’s.

OK, MY suggestion is that you decide what your real 10-year budget is, something like $1500, perhaps, and select a suite of Bible and commentary(-ies) that will nourish your spirituality.

Make sure you have a Catechism of the Catholic Church nearby, too, and refer to it.

Get a copy of the Jewish Study Bible, both for the alternate JPS translation of the Old Testament and for a stimulating series of essays in the back. There’s also the Jewish Annotated New Testament, for the Jewish “take” on the writings of the New Testament.
The Catholic Church rates Jewish Bible commentaries as “first class” but must be used with a clear understanding of their point of view.

Although I have a couple protestant study bibles, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend any of them (the Church decided it’s ok to read other bibles, as long as they’re not especially polemical against the Catholic Church). EXCEPT, I’ve subscribed to the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, which is a compilation of comments by the early church fathers on all of scripture, as far as it goes. It gives the “patristic” viewpoints on scripture, which have been academically panned, in many cases, but which are interesting and inspirational, nonetheless.

Some other forum participants will undoubtedly jump in to suggest their own study materials. Also check out Dr. Scott Hahn’s www.salvationhistory.com website for many stimulating, “life changing” approach to reading scripture.


A man(?) after my own heart! I am sounding like a scratched CD, but I love the Confraternity Bible. Sadly, complete bibles are available used-only at this point. Depending on who published it, you can get virtually everything the OP is looking for. The translation is 20th century American English with a reverent and sacral tone to it. The notes and intros are excellent. IMO, it is the bible that should be standard in the Church. I have spent less than $10 on each copy that I have.

A particular (10.5" X 7.25") version that I can highly recommend is the family-sized 1953 Catholic Action Bible/Goodwill Publishers by Belmont Abbey. The artwork, much by Heinrich Hofman, is beautiful and inspiring. It has a manual of prayers as well as a Catholic doctrinal guide in it. No maps. :frowning: Here are some examples on eBay:




Yes, it’s big and a bit heavy, but it is worth it for the artwork alone.

The Knox is also great, as is the RSV-2CE.

But, OP, you are asking for an awful lot in a compact bible!


Ha ha! It was you who pointed me to this edition, lol.

I love Scriptures and I have about every translation in paper and in electronic format.

I have to be honest, because I’ve read your posts - but I do enjoy reading the NABRE (2011). Right now is my favorite devotional translation. Mostly because it is the translation I have been using since CRHP and praying with the brothers and reading the Bible together just works better when we are all using the same language :), so little by little I am growing very fond of it. Plus, all my kids (4) and my wife are entering the Church next Easter and they also have it. It flows better as well when I do Bible study at the house.

But… :smiley: - I gave my daughter a copy of a 1961 Confraternity/Douay and I have a 1954 Confraternity/Douay that we kinda really enjoy the beautiful language :D. So after you pointed to this translation, it truly holds a very special place in my heart because of her. So, thank you very much!!!

God Bless.


De nada, hermano!

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