Looking for a Parish App

Does anybody know of any software that can record membership, baptisms, marriages, deaths, etc. with a corresponding mobile app? I’m a pastor of a new church and would like to get started with something like that. All I’ve been able to find are some Protestant outreach things, but nothing like what I’m looking for. Thank you in advance and God bless.

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check out https://myparishapp.com/

I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard of a few parishes in my area purchasing it.

God bless

There is also “Parish Data System”

and you can check out https://www.parishsoft.com/

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My parish App is used for announcements mostly. It also temporarily silences your ringer on your cell phone while you are within the parish IP address, which is wonderful.
The parishes use an online resource across the U.S. Likely your parish already is using it.
Things like recording membership and viewing such personal info should NOT be used by just anyone.


(That’s awesome!)

We use PDS, I would not suggest it. It is clunky and outdated.

I LOVE the demos of Parish Soft. If I were king…

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ParishSoft’s Connect Now cloud based platform has a way for parishioners to update their own information such as address changes, ministry schedules, etc.

My Parish App is good for announcements and calendar, etc, but it’s not a membership database.

I’m confused as to why you are not reaching out to your diocese regarding software. In my experience, these things are standardized within a diocese. ParishSoft, for example has the parish and the diocesan databases and they are synced.


It is also ONLY going to reach the parishioners who have a smart phone.

I’d check with your diocese to see if they have a suggestion. You may just have to have a simple data base program

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In fact, if you ask for a demo of the two main programs, they first ask what is your Diocese because these programs are tied to the Diocese.

Seems a little odd that a pastor would be unaware,but, nothing shocks me these days!

I belong to a small and relatively new, Eastern Eparchy.

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Ahhh, well, call Parish Soft :slight_smile:

So no one who comes to your parish can use their cell phones ever? What about YG or RE, or folks coming to talk with one of the staff? What about the staff themselves. The only person in our office who does not rely on their cell phone is the priest, mainly because he a bit anti-tech.

My catechists and many parents have my cell number and use that to either call or text me during business hours. Our DRE, secretary and business manager also use their cell phone legitimately during business hours.

I feel having an app the interferes with a persons ability to use their phone is going way to far. Why can’t your parish be educated to turn off their ringer when coming into Mass? Every parish I’ve been in has been quite successful with that?

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