Looking for a Patron Saint


I’ve been looking for a patron saint for gynecological problems. None of the saints lists I’ve found online seem to list any.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks and God Bless!


Without more spefics, it’s hard to recomend a saint. You might try St. Rita of Cascia. Saints.SQPN.com has a large list by patronage. Sorry, I’m not computer literate enough to attach the link. Be sure to look in the As. They have a long listing of “against” specific problems.


“The Immaculate Conception” is always a sure fire way to Christ! :slight_smile:


Not to mention she’s a woman…she understands


I would suggest St. Gianna Molla <wife, mother and medical doctor>; here is an excerpt from an online biography :

"Early in <her 4th> pregnancy it was discovered that Gianna had a fibroma, a benign tumor, on her uterine wall. Surgery that would involve aborting the baby was suggested, but the Mollas instantly and firmly rejected this idea, and chose surgery that would remove only the tumor. Because of her medical knowledge, Gianna understood more fully than most the risks involved in this delicate surgery – both to her and to her unborn child. She insisted that the baby be protected at all costs.

The surgery successfully removed the fibroma, and the pregnancy continued, apparently normally, and the family made plans for the future in joy and hope. But all was not well, and a few days before the baby was born, Gianna realized it would be a difficult – possibly life-threatening delivery. She asked her husband to promise that if it were necessary to choose between saving her and saving the baby, he should choose the baby. “I insist”, she said.

On Good Friday, Gianna entered the hospital. And a lovely, healthy baby daughter, Gianna Emanuela, was born the next day, April 21, 1962. But the mother had developed a fatal infection – septic peritonitis. (Modern antibiotics most likely would have saved her.) The inflammation caused immense suffering during her final week on earth.* In the midst of her terrible pain, Gianna called to her own mother, Maria, who had died in 1942 – and she prayed. As she lay dying, she repeated, “Jesus, I love you”, over and over.

Her agony ended on April 28 – at home. She was 39. The tiny infant, Gianna Emanuela, was exactly one week old.

Almost immediately upon her death a devotion to Gianna arose among those whose lives she had so deeply touched, and who knew her heroic devotion to her faith and her family.

Her “cause” was introduced formally in 1970. She was beatified April 24, 1994; and canonized on May 21, 2004 – forty-two years after her death".


God bless.


Thanks for all the replies.

I was specifcally looking for a saint for endometriosis.


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