Looking for a Quran


I’m interested in finding a copy of the Quarn for study. I don’t read (or speak) Arabic. My chief concern is the accuracy of the translation. Can anyone recommend a particular edition? Thank you and God bless.

Not going to find many people here interested in helping.

I’m from the UK so not sure how useful this is going to be, but I have seen Qur’ans in english selling even at my local bookshop. Many of them are written one page in arabic, one in english.

I’d start online though with Amazon.

I have a nicely bound translation by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan. You should be able to get one on line or at any major bookstore chain.

Every English translation has it’s flaws. From what I’ve read about Quanic translations…they are considered “commentary” more than translations…the only “authentic” Qur’an is in Arabic as only Arabic can provide the depth and nuance Muslims ascribe to the Qur’an.

“Heart of the Koran” is a good book as well…by Lex Hixon…it takes the Surahs and highlights the parts this convert to Islam found particularly beautiful and useful in his own study.

See my PM.

Here is a short list or recommendations:

Top 4 English Translations of the Quran

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