Looking for a review guide for library books

My children are into a lot of reading. As in movie reviews like “Decent Films.com”, “Focus on the Family’s movie reviews” and the USCCB’s movie review, is there anywhere out there to check to see if a certain book is worthy to read or not, for a certain age group…? I can’t read them all myself and don’t want to!

I would email Catholic movie-reviewer Steven Greydanus over at DecentFilms to see if he knows of a resource for books.

I might also give a phone call to the good apologists here at Catholic Answers. (619) 387-7200

Marco Polo gave some good suggestions. I can’t think of anything offhand that fits what you are looking for. The best I can think of is Michael O’Brien’s book A Landscape With Dragons. The body of the book is about children’s literature in general, but the real gem is the Appendix of Suggested Reading. It’s about 100 pages worth of recommendations for children’s books of various age levels. If you pull a book off this list, you can feel pretty confident that it’s okay for your kids to read.

Thanks guys for your help. I just looked in our library system and they have the book Joe5859 recommended: A Landscape With Dragons. I got it reserved! These forums are a great help!

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