looking for a song


Is there a hymn based off John 1:1-18thish (in the beginning the word was with God…) that is more or less a word-for-word reading of the text set to music? I looked at the links from blueletter bible and cyberhymnal and have not come up with what Im looking for


I tried to google the verse in different ways and didn’t find anything…so if it is on your heart or in your head, I would suggest that you write it :smiley:


I just may do that.



I think GIA at giamusic.com/home.cfm has an index of sacred music that is searchable by first lines or lyrics.



Josquin des Pres, one of the very greatest of Renaissance composers if not the greatest, wrote a motet “In principio erat Verbum.” There might be others but I do not know of them. In any case, this would be quite beyond the capabilities of even a pretty good parish choir, even where such exists anywhere anymore. The Catholic Cathedral of Westminster in London has a choir that could perform it --think at that level.

If you are literally looking for a hymn with this text, good luck. Even if I could find one, given the state of modern Catholic hymnody, I probably would not want to touch it with a ten foot pole.


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