Looking for a Specific Bible



Well specifically defined Bible.

Does anyone know of a full Catholic Bible that is more along the size/dimensions of the Daily Missal of LOTH; leather cover.

I am not too concerned with translation but would prefer an RSV CE or Douay Rheims or NAB or ???

I have a nice Scepter pub. RSV but it’s just a bit too small to read sans glasses.

If you don’t know of one how about a good web site to view some?




Hi EP,

I don’t know if it will be too large, but I have the leather-bound edition of the Saint Ignatius Press RSV-CE 2nd ed. It has occasional footnotes that I have found interesting, and they are small and unobtrusive. It also has, at the end, many highly interesting (although not very detailed) maps, including that of the Holy Land in the time of Abraham, a map of St. Paul’s journeys, a map of the location of the early Christian churches, and others. But mostly, it’s beautiful.

It’s not a large bible, but I wouldn’t buy it if you intend on taking it with you often, as it’s probably a little big for that. I mostly keep mine just for use at home.

God Bless! :slight_smile:


I would check on amazon and Christianbook.com and look at the dimensions. Usually they are listed on the site. I know at Christianbook.com, they will check their store if you are concerned.

These might be along the lines you are looking for. I typed Catholic Bible in their search section. I provided three as great examples.

I hope this is helpful.






Catholic Book Publishing did a smaller size Confraternity Bible. Its a bit under 5x7. Get a 1951 printing with the Douay OT and the New Latin psalter psalms.

Here is a link to one similar, though this is a later edition and overpriced.



Thanks for the suggestions.



Oh yeah, just hit me, Baronius Press has a compact Douay-Rheims. They also have a sample page you can print out to see if the text is comfortable.


Try global.oup.com/academic/product/the-revised-standard-version-catholic-bible-9780195288537?cc=us&lang=en&

You can get it for near $20 on the Internet. It’s just about the size of a pew missal. Be careful however because they make one identical but smaller, more along the lines of a pocket Bible. The zipper and miraculous medal are nice touches. I reviewed it at timhollingworth.blogspot.com/2014/01/zippered-thin-line-rsv-ce-from-oxford.html

ISBN: 9780195288537



I have one of these somewhere….need a magnifying glass to read it! I used to almost be able to but not now!




Well then don’t go with the Confraternity Bible I mentioned earlier then - text size is similar.

If you have a Smartphone, most major Catholic translations are on one or another free app, and you wiuld be able to set the text size to your liking.


Here is the website of the Douay Rheims bible.

This website has the New American Bible, The Douay Rheims Bible, and the challoner revision.

I hope it helps


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