Looking for a talk on the reformation

Hi All,

Quite a while back (over a year or more), on YouTube, I listened to a really good talk/lecture on the Protestant reformation.

I think it might have been a lecture because it was very academic and around 3 hours long.

Anyway, I cannot find it anywhere now. I’m wondering if anyone may know of it and where I can find it?

I think it might have been called something like ‘The roots of the reformation’ or something along those lines. It detailed a lot of the events leading up to the reformation, crusades, indulgences, Avignon Papacy etc…

It was a really great talk and if anyone knows where I might find a copy I’d be extremely grateful!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: It was most probably an mp3, there was no video.**

I steer clear of anything that calls it a reformation. It was a revolt not a reformation.

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