Looking for a website or media that contains explanations/thoughts on daily Mass readings, etc

I like listening to Father Barron’s Sunday homilies. I’m wondering if there is a website with homilies or reflections or anything similar on daily Mass readings as well (audio, print, whatever media form). I would like to find some and reflect with my family on the daily readings and interpretations during lent.

I believe the USCCB has daily video reflections. I also get Scott Hahn’s updates for Sundays. I’ll get the links and post back in a moment.

(added links)

Audio from the USCCB
Video from the USCCB

Sunday Reflections by Dr. Scott Hahn

I love the booklet called “The Word Among Us”, which they give out at the church I occassionally attend near my office. It is published every 6 weeks or so. You can subscribe to it as an individual, I believe. They also have a Facebook page that will give you a daily mediation on your news feed if you like the page.

You can read daily reflection of the Scripture from Word Among Us online:

Sorry took it awhile to get back, had to work the weekend.

These are awesome links, thank you guys. Now, hopefully I can get on the path with my plan, hopefully my family will grow spiritually and retain it :slight_smile:

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