Looking for a website that prints daily Propers for 1962 Missal

I found a site that prints daily Propers for 1945 Missal, but it does not always coincide with 1962 Missal which I think is used at the Latin Mass I attend.

How about this?



They do… Believe me they do match. The only difference between the 1945 mass and 1962 is the Holy Week services. You’re prepared for all daily Masses except holy week masses.

I remember a site that had the propers,readings, saints etc. for both , the 1962 missal and the 1970 missal but can’t find it now. does anybody know where this site can be located?

This gentleman runs a great blog that has daily the propers for 1962. It’s the only source for daily propers that I have been able to find online.


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