Looking for a women's independent bible study


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Looking for a women’s bible study similar to Keeping in Balance (Lisa Brenninkmeyer at walkingwithpurpose.com) that I can do at home on my own. I was excited when looking at her program, but so disappointed when I found out it was only available to parish groups and not for independent study/personal purchase. (I’m not the type to “start a group study at my local parish”, trust me.)

I am the queen of theory and ideals, but when it comes to practical applications in real life, I sometimes tend to stumble in confusion not knowing how to connect the dots between theory and application. :rolleyes:

For instance, I like the numerous fairly practical articles in the Catholic Youth Bible by St. Mary’s Press that I’ve used in homeschooling my kids, but they are directed toward youth, not a 45 year old cradle Catholic mom of 5 with little kids still at home and grandma of 2…

Maybe not even a bible study per se, but a study bible with ample commentaries/articles directed at women/moms?

I briefly looked at the Courageous series by Stacy Mitch, but it seems to me to be more theoretical, and not so practical. It’s probably a really good study, but again, I have a problem connecting those dots.

I understand if you have no clue what I’m getting at as far as theory vs. application, but just thought I’d give it a shot since there’s a lot of very intelligent, spiritual, devoted Catholics here.

—Just looking to take more steps on my journey with the Lord…

Any suggestions?


Can’t remember the Lady’s name on EWTN who hosts Women of Grace. Check out EWTN’s website or Google Women of Grace. Also there are 3 women who host “The Catholic View for Women.” They may have some ideas for you.


I’d be interested as well…





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