Looking for alternatives

When I started subscribing to Catholic newspapers and magazines my primary choices were *America *magazine and the National Catholic Reporter

The parish I attend holds a monthly media group where we discuss various books, articles, and literature focusing on the Catholic faith.

One night we were asked to name our favorite Catholic news materials and when I mentioned these two everyone got very quiet a gave me looks.

When I inquired with the priest on this he said that they were not in good standing with the Church. I am looking for alternative newspapers and magazines to subscribe too that are in good standing.

Our Sunday Visitor

The Sower magazine.


That seems a bit excessive. Although I do think both (particularly the NC Reporter) have had problems with orthodoxy, I am not aware that they have been formally sanctioned in any way by the Church.

I don’t read print journalism anymore so I really can’t recommend any subscriptions. However, from what I have seen of Our Sunday Visitor it seems a quality product which is orthodox without straying into extremes. I think it is underrated.

National Catholic REGISTER and L’Osservatore Romano

Are you allowed to use online sources for Catholic news and views? There are quite a few.

National Catholic Register is very good:


And so is Our Sunday Visitor:



I’d second the Our Sunday Visitor – I get it every week without fail on my Kindle, and it is one of the best out there.

Also, does your diocese have its own newspaper? (some do, such as the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ The Tidings or the Archdiocese of Boston’s [iirc] The Pilot) They may be well worth checking out as well.

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