Looking for an conservative/orthodox RCC in Brampton, Ontario (Canada)

I am looking to attend a Catholic Church in the Brampton area and was hoping some local GTA members here might shed light on some of the more orthodox parishes in the area. I live right across from St. Anthony of Padua and was thinking of going there but thought I’d check on here first. I have had run ins with some heterodox Catholics before and want to start out at the right place this time

If you want orthodox with both big and small “O”, go to St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church in Brampton.

Constantine I second you opinion, not cause I’ve been there, but because one of my most trusted Catholic friends converted to Byzantine rite a few years ago and goes to that parish for Sunday Divine Liturgy. A young male catholic too!

As to Future, you can fulfill you Sunday obligation AND partake in the sacraments from the Byzantine church as it is an approved rite of the Catholic Church with priests with valid and licit faculties. Now if you do go and love it, and stay there, you may want to consider switching rites.

Unfortunately, all the Latin Mass Parishes/usual locations for the independent lay organizations for EF/TLMs, are generally in downtown areas (with some movement to other parishes but its whoever is nice enough to let a TLM happen in their Church), Central Toronto (Parkdale area and Roncesvalle Ave.), Scarborough, and Kinora. Keep praying that more TLM communities/regular masses will pop up in Ontario or the FSSP come back to Ontario (they left after not getting a suitable arrangement incl. a parish for their faculties and a 2nd priest).

As for reverent novus ordos in Ontario … if you are thinking EWTN/Pope Benedict type masses, that’s a big request. It’s a challenge in 2011 in urban centeres to find the kind that are reverent with many things chanted and incense and the lot. You are more likely to find standard fare and that includes homilies. Same with parishes, though you might luck out with a parish with conservative pastors and assistant priests who aren’t afraid to even touch the surface of the “no-no” issues in the Church.

While I can’t help with Brampton, your chance of reverent Novus Ordos would increase if you came in closer to the heart of the GTA va. the outskirts. Where I live is closer in (I’m not divulging where I live specifically!) and I have yet to find a reverent N.O. mass of the parishes I’ve been to. My home one has come close with increased incense use at their higher masses/solemnity Sundays, bows at the Gloria when Jesus Christ is said and a priest or two who doesn’t preach “love everybody” garbage, but it is nowhere close to what I think you are implying. The best bet in the city I know of is the downtown Toronto Cathedral masses at 5pm Sat and 12pm Sun when they bring the SMChoirS students out to sing classical music and Gregorian Chant at Masses. I’d love to go to one someday to see a moderately reverent Novus Ordo (well hopefully the rest of the parts of the mass, serving, lectoring, etc. is also like the choir).

Hopefully someone will be able to help you out who knows the outside of the GTA west and north areas better.

St. Eugene de Mazenod in Brampton is pretty conservative, as I understand it. It’s a Polish parish, cared for by Assumption Province (the Polish Province) of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. There are Masses in English on both Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

I know this is an old thread, but I too live in the greater Toronto area and am very much interested in the answer to this question.

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