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This is my very first post. I have been looking for a non-denominational church home for about 2 years now, after leaving the last church I was a member of. My journey has led me to the point where I feel that my place is in the Catholic church. I was baptized in the Catholic Church as an infant, but my mother converted to a Protestant faith when I was 4 years old, and by default, so did I. But the church she attended only served to alienate me from all things religious. I stopped attending church when I was 15 and never went back; until about 4 years ago (I was 28 at that time).

The non-denominational church I was invited to seemed great. Fantastic music, and open, tolerant environment. But I soon realized that they didn’t preach the absolute truth of the Gospel. It was more a social environment than anything else. In seeking a new church, I have found only more of the same, to varying degrees.

But as I read more and more about my original Catholic roots, I find precisely that which I need, both for myself and my new family (my wife and I have 3-month old twins; and I have an 11-year-old stepson): a Church that unapolagetically preaches absoltue truth and actually has expectations of me to lead a moral life. The other churches I attended only expected me to tithe.

I need to take the next step, which is the purpose of this post.

I’m hoping someone can suggest a good parish in Orange County (southern california). I’m in Anaheim, but I can travel to pretty much anywhere in central to north Orange County. My wife nad I have disussed this at length, and we want to do the right thing for our family. With each passing day, I’m beginning to realize that this is the right thing. This is where God is leading me. Full circle, I’m coming back home.

Thank you to anyone who can suggest a parish. God bless you all.



I don’t live in CA, but I was stationed at Port Hueneme once upon a time, and I am good with a map and web site at picking out parishes (My husband is a born-and-bred Californian, but the “other” California up north;) ). Hopefully, other folks will chime in, but this will give you a start.

Right in your own backyard, Anaheim, this looked good:

St. Boniface had more confession times, but St. Justin had a lot of good, old-fashioned novenas and a big Philipino community.

You also have in Anaheim a Maronite church and Eastern Rite church. Both of these are in union with Rome:


I believe St. Mary’s By the Sea was very orthodox, with Latin Masses, but don’t recall all the problems with that. I couldn’t find a link on the diocese web site, just an address in Huntington Beach and a phone number.

St. Columban in Garden Grove looks pretty respectable and has a Returning Catholic ministry. They also had more than one time for Confession:

I think this would give you a good basis on which to start.

SO- Square your shoulders, pray for resolve, and find a priest.


Welcome home and to the forums. Congratulations on the birth of your twins. Best wishes to you and your family as you come back.

Try this link for parishes in Orange County. It took a little while to load for some reason.


I live nowhere near you, but this site has links to the parish websites themselves where you could probably view their bulletin and learn more about the parish to see how orthodox it is. I think a bulletin says a lot about the parish especially the Pastor’s column, devotions schedule, upcoming events, etc.


Thank you both for the great information. This definitely gives me a good starting point!


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