Looking for an old cartoon movie, need help

i originally saw it on PBS late at night in the late 80’s, i dont remember the name of it but what i do remember is that the story took place in the old days, it could have been during the reformation, i remember a monk or a priest running out of a burning church and telling a young boy to run wile an army ransacked the church and murdered everyone in sight.
its been eating at me for a years cause i fell asleep and never saw the ending but maybe someone on these boards knows what i’m talking about, its a long shot but lets see what happens.

thanks :rolleyes:

And it was a cartoon? Full movie length? Just need a little clarification… I don’t think I’ve seen it, but I might know someone who will know…

to tell you the truth i cant remember, it might of been a short movie

You can look it up on Internet Movie Database (imdb) if you know any of the actor voices or the director’s name or anything like that. This site is great and has helped clear up a lot of movie/tv show trivia questions that drive me crazy until I can find the answer to them.

There isn’t a chance this could have been “The Mysterious Cities of Gold” on Nickelodeon, is it?

Wow… i remember that but i know it wasn’t japanese animation it was more like american style but thanks! :smiley:

Any possibility that it could have been an EWTN movie? I know they had quite a few shows your youth that were religious cartoons.

How about Cathedral


I don’t remember that scene in particular, but the timing would have been about right.


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