Looking for another Catholic mom to be my e-penpal


I’m a 30-something mom of 2. I recently moved to a new area and feel I have no one to have some “girl talk” with. I have conversations with other ladies, but they never move beyond the weather and shallow things. I’m hoping to find another Catholic (and Republican) mom who could also use some “girl talk” via pm or e-mails.

I love being with my kids and husband, reading, conservative talk radio, trying to live a healthy lifestyle, decorating, cooking, all things Christmas, cats, shopping for bargains, and playing on the Wii with my kids! I’m a SAHM, but I was formerly a teacher.

PM me if you’d like to know more!


I sent you a private message. :slight_smile:


I think it’s kind of sad that you ask for a pen pal that must share your political views… Everyone should be open to learning information from either side IMHO.

I say that because my wife and I have a lot of friends with whom we talk often, very few share all our political convictions. Some are more conservative and others are much more liberal.



Not everyone wants to argue or debate differing political views, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to talk to someone who has similar views…Not everyone likes to debate.


Just want to change my request for Catholic moms to Catholic LADIES… I’ll keep the Republican part, though. ROFL.


Thanks-- that’s exacly right. I feel like I go around in “politically correct” mode all of the time-- it would be nice to talk to people I can just be real with (even about politics and religion). .


I sent you a PM. I’m a Catholic Republican SAHM of two.


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