Looking for bible study or book on each of the epsitles

This is for my own self study. I do already have Galatians: A New Kind of Freedom Defended by Gayle Somers and Jeff Cavins. I am looking for one especially on Romans, but any of the others would be great. What I want to get out of it is a concise Catholic understanding of what Paul is teaching. At the moment, through various resources, I am piecing together this complete view, mostly verse by verse as they come up in other apologetic sources. I do have copies of the Ignatius Bible series, yet the notes are helpful but not enough. I was hoping I could just crack open a particular book or bible study booklet.


The Navarre bible has a separate booklet on all the NT epistles with a detailed Catholic commentary. I would start there.



I have the Navarre and like it very much. Some people also like Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch’s Ignatius Study Bibles…I believe they’re individually available too.

Third nod for the Navarre. I have the entire set and it has helped my mild interest in Sacred Scripture grow into a burgeoning desire to study it - and I am much closer to God because of it.


I strongly recommend both Navarre and Ignatius, as the others have, but I’d like to also add AgapeBibleStudy.Com which has two extensive Catholic Studies on Hebrews and Romans. You’ll also find numerous others, including some on the Old Testament.

And its free!

These are all incredible resources. I ordered the Navarre Romans and Galatians. And the Agape Bible Study is really great too. They both will really enhance my study with the Ignatius series.

If others have more suggestions or comments I would still love to hear them!

Thank you everyone,

Ooh! Ooh! I almost forgot!

Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture has just started a series of New Testament studies - each study by a different author. They’ve only done two so far:

The Gospel of Mark by Mary Healy.
The Pastoral Letters (I & II Timothy and Titus) by George Montague.

I’ve read both of these and they are great. I’m looking forward to the rest of the books as they come out.

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