Looking for Book on Evangelizing and Holy Spirit

God has called me to write a paper on improving spiritual preparation for sidewalk counseling and present it to Students for Life at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I am researching a lot and now I am trying to find a book on the Holy Spirit’s role in evangelization and the conversion of hearts- using the Holy Spirit to plant seeds in the hearts of those being evangelized to.

Thank you and pray for me


Acts? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not really sure of any specific works on that topic, but you might want to read some of the more famous works on the Holy Spirit, such as these:

Pope John Paul II Dominum et Vivificantem (The Lord and Giver of Life) May 18, 1986

Pope Leo XIII Divinum Illud Munus (On the Holy Spirit) May 9, 1897

St. Basil the Great De Spiritu Sancto

I hope that helps!

Thank you. I have downloaded both of those encyclicals… not yet read, but the St. Basil one was new to me.



Fr Andrew Apostoli’s 3 little volumes on the Holy Spirit (might actually be in your bookstore, because I am thinking that is where I bought them)

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