Looking for books on Church History

I was hoping for some recommendations on a book series on the history of the Catholic Church. I want something more exhaustive than a one volume overview. I was reading reviews on Warren Carroll’s history of Christendom series and was concerned by a review that it is questionable in its history and Catholicity. Much thanks for any recommendations.

Ive read some of Carroll’s stuff and it is certainly exhaustive. His 6 volume “A History of Christendom” is as comprehensive as you are likely to find. For a laymen they can be overkill, but there is a ton of information in his books. He was a Catholic so Im not sure why the “Catholicity” of his books would be questioned.

Ive also read Diarmaid MacCulloch’s " Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years". The author was raised Anglican and is now agnostic I think so the book is more of a secular history of the church. It is 1200 pages and covers the history of the church from pre-crucifixion to modern day.

Ive also read Henry Chadwick’s The Early Church.

I havent read these but you may want to check out “The Story of Christianity” volumes by Justo L. Gonzalez too.

I recommend “The life of Jesus” by the french historian Ernest Renan, and antropologist who spent three years in the holy land researching it. To my mind outweighs the Bible

My recommendations include Philip Hughes’ three volume “History of the Church,” Joseph Epiphane Darras’ four volume “A General History of the Catholic Church,” and Mourret-Thompson’s eight volume “A History of the Catholic Church.”

All of these are by faithful Catholic authors. The one by Mr. Darras even has a papal letter of gratitude to the author in the foreword. Also, all of them can be found, full-text, online, by googling. They are somewhat dated, though, with the latest being written in 1920-something, I think.

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