Looking for books on large families


I am a mom of four and am looking for some support from books about large Catholic families making their way through the world today. I am not a stay at home mom, but my husband stays home with our children since I have the best job opportunities. So, I am not necessarily interested in books about stay home moms. It is quite a different situation to have a stay at home dad family. It is rather non-traditional. Do you know of any books you can recommend that may give us some hints or support as parents of a large(er) Catholic family? I have looked at several online, just wondered if there is one that anyone can recommend. Or any books that pertain to Catholic working moms?


the couple to couple leagues magazine “family foundations” is always a breath of fresh air and as a mom we dont have a ton of time to read so short articles are sometime easier.


**I highly recommend doing a search for stay at home catholic dads. they are out there (I know 2 in person! One being the godfather of my kid!) **

I have found blogs to be a wealth of current information and far more personal in nature. For example, I get about 2 or 3 emails a month with personal questions from people wanting to know how I would handle whatever. And I often ask questions myself.

**Guess that wasn’t very helpful in answering your question. I really haven’t found much inspiration fron such books. Quite the opposite in fact.:shrug: **


well the classic books about large families with working mom and work-at-home dad are Cheaper by the Dozen and its sequel Belles on their Toes. surprisingly relevant even today.


Here is a link to a thread from the authors of the book "Better by the dozen plus 2"

They have a beautiful large Catholic family of 16 (14 kids plus the parents).


And while the movies were great, go on eBay and get the books.

I love when the kids made their own root beer!


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