Looking for Catholic Friendly Domain Registrar and Hosting Company

Looking for Catholic Friendly Domain Registrar and Hosting Company

I'm the new parish webmaster.

The subject is self-explanatory. Preferably near Toronto. All suggestions investigated.

I'm also looking and appreciate any follow-ups. :thumbsup:

Hello :-)

Full disclosure: I work for a major domain registrar and hosting company (won't mention the name since I'm not here to advertise).

For what it's worth, most domain registrars are basically completely neutral...so we aren't Catholic-friendly, but we aren't Catholic-non-friendly either. We just provide a service to anybody who wants to buy it. The only time we'd shut somebody down is if they were doing something illegal.

Now, the potential moral difficulty involved with that is that is that people can buy domains and space from us to host immoral things. I happen to know that we carry the registrations of probably thousands and thousands of pornographic web sites. That's not our core market, and we don't solicit that kind of business, but nobody is stopping people from using our services for that kind of thing either.

So it's possible (though I wouldn't say it's likely) that somebody hosting a church website on our system might have their data sitting on a server that also hosts immoral material...but there's no way that the visitor to the site would ever know that or be exposed to it.

So my recommendation is to look at all the major registrars and find the one that provides the best value/service for the money. Personally I would keep away from GoDaddy just because I find their style of advertising inappropriate (obviously not where I work ;)), but other than that all the major ones are pretty much the same.

God bless you!

I've got a good start going on the new website.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a Free Joomla Template suitable for a Catholic church?

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