Looking for Christian magazine suggestions

Help! I’d like to get my grandparents a subscription to a Christian magazine (or (bi)weekly newspaper) for Christmas. Leaving aside the time consideration, I’m looking for some good ideas.

My grandparents are actively retired (lots of volunteering and a part-time job), and Gma has mentioned wanting to read more. They are Lutheran, as is most of my family (I’m a Catholic convert). They’re active in their church and are faithful people.

I was originally planning on sending them a subscription to Touchstone, “a journal of mere Christianity”, but I’m afraid the level is a bit high for them, that they wouldn’t find the articles accessible enough. One of the great things about Touchstone, though, is that while not (exclusively) Catholic, it is very Catholic (and Orthodox) friendly. The editors and contributors do a great job of explaining, defending, and enjoying “traditional” Christianity. I’m hoping to find something similar but more readable.

Anyone have any ideas? An ecumenical magazine with a strong Christian center that perhaps older folks might enjoy? I’m particularly interested in recommendations from Catholics, because I want a magazine that can enhance my grandparents’ relationship with God, so I don’t want anything that would counter the Catholic faith. But I also am not looking for something specifically Catholic. Tall order, right? :wink:

Thanks for any help you can offer! I appreciate it!

P.S. If this isn’t the right forum for this post, I’d welcome having it moved. This is my first new thread.

From what I have seen, Christianity Today is not overtly anti-Catholic.

If you want Catholic…

First Things

National Catholic Register

Faith and Family

they might like a daily devotional like Word Among Us which comes either with our without the Mass readings and order of the Mass, but does have the scripture citations, and a relfection for each day.

How aboout Guideposts? I get it, and it’s full of good stuff. It was started by Norman Vincent Peale, so it’s not Catholic but very Christian.


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