Looking for colouring pages

I know this sounds crazy, but…

I have a friend who is a priest. actually, he’s my spiritual director and confessor…

I’m putting together a prayer boquet for his anniversary, and I’m looking for a nice picture that is indicative of an ordination, to fill in the lines with prayer offerings (in colour code!), just as a nice way to let him know that I do appreciate all he does and all the little ways and bigger ways that he shows Christ to us.

does anyone know where I could find such a picture? I’ve been looking under google images, but I’m not finding anything suitable.

and with love,
Esther Rose

ps - I thought this was the best place to ask, since most of you are raising families and thus would have found or searched for resources in the teaching of your children. :wink:

Hmm, probably not exactly what you had in mind but I’ll give it a shot.


Here is a coloring page/spiritual bouquet, its of Pope John Paul ll but it might work.

do a regular web search for “coloring pages Priest” and there is a lot more.

I did a Google of “catholic coloring pages” and got all of these:
I think if you tried the American English version of colouring, which is coloring, you might get more. WARNING: Some might be anti-catholic, so take your time and don’t stress over the “bad” ones. It’s just a search.

Here’s a Holy Orders one.


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