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I was recently challenged by my sister (who is not Catholic) to watch the documentary “Deliver us from Evil”. I have been trying to find any credible sources to a) give a current update on whether or not the Pope knew about O’Grady (as the film alludes) and b) give a credible defense from a Catholic position.

I’m finding it very difficult to find either. The best so far for b) is a film review that at least gives background and balance to be aware of:


My sister used to be Christian, but is now against all “organized religion” because she feels they manipulate the masses and are responsible for too many atrocities. If I can rebut the film she wants me to see (which I shudder to watch, quite honestly) then maybe we can at least start some positive discussions regarding the Church.

Thanks for your help

I suggest you start with her assumptions concerning “organized religion”, namely manipulation * and atrocities. From what it sounds like in your post, she is simiply taking a “bad example/action” to justify her already formed conclusion.*

I’m confused. What did the pope have to do with the O’Grady case? I thought O’Grady was from the Diocese of Stockton, California.

Anyway enjoy the documentary. I did a psychological analysis paper on O’Grady analyzing how he is totally incapable of taking responsibility for his crimes. Just as he was incapable of taking responsibility for having *been *molested as a child, now however the coping skill of detaching yourself from the evils done to you becomes for O’Grady a way of distancing himself from the molestations he committed himself. His written apology is the finest, purest masterpiece of denialism I have ever seen in my life.

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