Looking for downloadable guide for the 4 vol. Liturgy of the hours. Anyone know where to find one

As the title states, I am trying to find a downloadable guide for the 4 volume set of the liturgy of the hours for 2011. I have hunted online without success.

Does anyone know if one exists?

Am good online source for the daily hours would be great appreciated to.

God bless you

Don’t know about a downloadable one but, and online or brick and mortar Catholic store sells annual guides that sell for only about $2-3.


ps… Look Here

Here is an online source for the daily hours: Universalis

I have selected the Australian calendar. Select your location on the right. The left hand column has the daily prayers or click on READ NOW on the banner.

They also have a downloads page but you have to buy it.

Try this link at Universalis. :slight_smile:


As an LOTH addict, I should really say that an online guide is not nearly as good as an Ordo for your diocese or country. Ordos however come in paper format. Your nearest Catholic store should have it.

I think anyone, clergy, religious, or laity who prays the Hours should always have the local Ordo if any at all, and perhaps the St Joseph guide as a secondary guide. This allows you to easily pray local feasts and memorials, and spot stuff you otherwise won’t know about.

For example, you’re supposed to pray the Office as a Feast (or a Solemnity in the church itself) on the anniversary of your Cathedral’s dedication, from the Common of a Dedication of a Church, which you’ll never figure out from an online source. Your Ordo will tell you that though.

Go here, divineoffice.org/

Universalis is different than the Catholic Book Publishing version of the Liturgy of the Hours.


Here is the official guide


That’s not what he was looking for. He needed an online version of the St. Joseph’s Guide published annually.

Here is a web site that has the guide for the four volume set that is posted month by month. The only draw back whichis minor is that if the last or first day of the month falls on a weekend the new month is usually posted a day or two late or on the first business day of the month. Hope this helps you out:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Thanks everyone, for your relies. God bless you!

Does anyone know if there is an LOH in Latin?

Here is an online one almudi.org/Portals/0/docs/Breviario/fuentes/breviario.asp?tiempo=3

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