Looking for Excerpts of Koran

Hi CAF Friends,

Could anyone recommend a book of excerpts of the Koran? I mean…not to denigrate the whole of the Koran…but I just want to read the good parts. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Could someone guide me to the good parts?

I have an English translation of the whole Koran, but it doesn’t include much else besides the text of the translation.


Some years ago George Lamsa composed The Short Koran Designed for Easy Reading… of course George Lamsa was a Christian…

You also might read The Holy Qur’an as explained by 'Allamah Nooruddin and rendered into English by Amatul Rahman 'Omar.

I don’t think Muslims would agree though that there are good parts and not so good parts of the Qur’an…

What exactly do you mean by “good” parts? A simple google search on any specific topic could lead you to chapters/verses. Almost any google search will lead you to a hit on quran.com, this is a reliable site.

Harun Yahya has a bunch of books that are worth checking out. On the Google Play store, many of his books are free. A personal favorite, entitled “Some secrets of the Qur’an” is worth checking out. Harun Yahya is a prolific writer, so you’re bound to find something you are satisfied with.

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