Looking for GIRM for the Philippines

Thanks in part to this forum I came across the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) issued by the US Catholic Conference. However, I live here in the Philippines. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the GIRM that would apply to the Philippines? I assume that they have their own translation, with appropriate adaptations.

Since this thread is about the Philippines, let me also say that I am looking for a list of the Holy Days of Obligation for the Philippines and to find out if the Philippines will be adopting the new English translation of the mass. I will search and inquire about those in the appropriate place later. One question at a time, I think.

I do not know at what stage their translation of the 2002 Roman Missal has reached. Their bishops’ conference has a Commission on Liturgy. At cbcponline.net/commissions/liturgy.html it lists the members of this commission, with the address and email of the Executive Secretary, Dom Anscar Chupungco ( anscar@sbc.edu.ph ). Perhaps he could provide the information you need.

Yes philippines would have different adaptations. Being from there i knw dat we stood for the mystery of faith (memorial acclamation). Here in NZ its also different coz we stand after the response " May the Lord accept"

You probably did not notice but you have resurrected a three year old thread.

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