Looking for good books to read


Have you read Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by: Sarah Ban Breathnach?

What are your thoughts? Is it worth reading?


Holiness for Housewives by: Hubert Van Zeller

I’ve heard it’s good, but was wondering if it applied mostly to stay at home mothers. I am a housewife, but not a mother. Would it be worth it for me?

Also, any other good books on how to be a good Christian wife, homemaker/housewife? Ones that aren’t predominately about motherhood, as many good ones are, but those don’t exactly apply to me, ya know? :wink: I am okay with reading protestant Christian works too. I’m a convert, and good at filtering out the differences in faith. :wink:


I have Simple Abundance. This is my 3rd full year through it. It’s not a book that you sit down and read. There are 365 daily readings. I hesitate to call them meditations, but that’s what she calls them. Each year I pull something new out of it. It has made me rethink my priorities. Sometimes I feel too frenzied to do the self nurturing things she suggests, but maybe that’s when I need to do them most??!!

Its funny how it was written in the 1990’s and talks about the bad economy. So its relevant today, too. Some of it is a bit dated, when she talks about writing or calling for catalogs. Today we would just google the website. But other than that, I like it a lot.

Oh, and I thought of something else. She tried to cover all avenues of spirituality. I think she was raised Catholic, but there are elements of New Age in some of her daily thoughts. I just gloss over them, and when she talks about Spirit, I replace it with the Holy Spirit. As long as I know from whom all things flow, I don’t really care how she names it.


Yes, I really enjoyed reading and using Sarah’s book on a daily basis a few years ago. I also have and still enjoy Something More and the Illustrated Discovery Journal by her. They are the type of books to buy rather than get from the library if you enjoy her writing because you can use them every day throughout the year and even go back to them years later. Definitely worth reading IMHO.

If you like fiction, the “Love Inspired” series of paperbacks is very good also. Not classics, but refreshing (and uplifting) reading based on Christian practices by many different authors - put out by Steeple Hill publishers. They sell them in grocery stores, pharmacies, and book stores, and many are also available through local libraries since the series goes back several years with new ones out every month. I read them every night before sleeping to help put me in a great (and Christian!) frame of mind and relax.

If you like humor, especially relating to housewives, any of the books by Erma Bombeck are terrific, too. She was a real peach of an author - Catholic, I believe, too!

Happy reading whatever you choose!

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