Looking for Good Sources on Catholic Eschatology

Many of my Protestants friend have a profound interest in end times prophecy when we all study the Bible. As a Catholic I am at a loss for the Catholic point of view.

Whenever the end times are discussed their is always talk of the Rapture, Anti-Christ, is Rome the Whore of Babylon (these discussions are never mean spirited – if anything some of my Protestant brethren wonder if an apostate will enter the papacy in the future)

So I am asking if their is any Films, Documentaries, Books etc on Catholic End Time’s prophecy

It would be a monumental help!

I would recommend The Secrets, Chastisement & Triumph, The Great Battle Has Begun andThe signs of the Times all by Dr Kelly Bowring, a Catholic theologian. Go to his website which is very informative as well but the books give you a thorough explanation .
Website is : twoheartspress.com
Hope that helps!

Tsk, tsk. Dear Mlz, perhaps you are aware that this Bowring has declared Pope Francis to be the False Prophet of Revelation. I would not recommend any books by this individual. And during Holy Week, too. :mad:

Dear Pio,

If you are interested in rebutting the “Rapture” error and its associated heresies, there is a book entitled “Rapture” by David Currie which provides an excellent Catholic viewpoint. :slight_smile:

i’d have to second that with an uppercase red ESS!!!
And that particular book’s only one of an almost uncountable number of publications from very questionable sources best left unnamed.

It’s best to stay right away from any “End Times” speculation. There’s a danger that you can become addicted to a very unhealthy occupation.


The Book Of Destiny, by Rev Herman Bernard Kramer. It is out of print but you can get it used on Amazon.

The book Eschatology by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is an great book on this subject.

Christ our Hope - Paul O Callaghan

CUA Press is one


That revealing remark merely reinforced my desire to write Will Catholics Be “Left Behind”? (Ignatius, 2003). Other conversations brought home the same point. Far too many people — including a significant number of Catholics — don’t recognize the attraction and power of this Fundamentalist phenomenon. Nor do they appear to appreciate how much curiosity exists about the “end times,” the book of Revelation, and the “pretribulation Rapture” — the belief that Christians will be taken up from earth prior to a time of tribulation and the Second Coming.

I feel bad recomending this to you FraPio because of the cost (when I bought it, the book was something like $15.00 used, if I recall correctly).

Perhaps Dr. Pitre will put it back in print or re-write it as a book geared more toward the “average joe” (I think this was his Doctoral Thesis).

Jesus, the Tribulation, and the End of the Exile: Restoration Eschatology and the Origin of the Atonement
Paperback – March 1, 2006
by Brant Pitre (Author)

This book (below) is probably your best book out there (and it is a GREAT resource). . . .

Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind Paperback – March 1, 2004
by David B. Currie (Author)

God bless.


Catholics don’t tend toward end times theories. Why? Jesus said no one will know the time.

NonCatholics actively seek it out. Why? I believe because Martin Luther did. He thought he was living in end times and was fighting the good fight against the “antichrist” (which he asserted was the RCC).

Fast forward five hundred years and we still have nonCatholics actively seeking to identify the antichrist. We have NWO theories, blood moon theories, blood moon books, etc. etc. When the pope visited the US Congress, many nonCatholics viewed it as proof of endtimes.

The Millerites had the Great Disappointment in the 19th century.

Listen to Jesus :slight_smile:

Pope Benedict wrote a book called Eschatology. That would be a good book to start with.

A Confederacy of Evil Paperback – June 1, 2012
by Blessed John Henry Newman

The Antichrist Paperback – June, 1981
by S.J. Vincent P. Miceli

Wrath of God: The Days of the Antichrist Hardcover – 1998
by Livio Fanzaga

Lord of the World: A Novel Paperback – [Originally 1907] February 5, 2016
by Robert Hugh Benson

Also from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

Paragraph 675 The Church’s ultimate trial


Said as simply as possible, the Catholic position

Every second of every day, is the end of the world for 1000’s of people on the planet. For us as individuals, we are all one heartbeat away from the end of the world. When we die, we know at that point, because the particular judgement occurs at that point, we know at that point where we will spend eternity. ***Either we go to heaven immediately, or via purgatory first, or we go to hell. ***The second coming of Christ, whenever that is, is judgement for those still alive on the planet. That is also when the ***resurrection of all the bodies ***occurs. The resurrected body then, is reunited with the soul.

*]If the soul was in heaven, the resurrected body and the soul are together again, in heaven.
*] Purgatory ceases to exist. Any souls in purgatory then, are reunited with their bodies and body and soul are together again in heaven
*]souls in hell are then reunited with their bodies, and ***body and soul are together again in hell. ***

If you want to explain Catholic eschatology with protestant terminology, describe yourself as ‘Amillennial.’ (F.Y.I. a lot of Prods are too.) If you want a top notch ‘Amil’ author whose books are designed to counter the extreme eschatology popularized over the last century, google Kim Riddlebarger.

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