Looking for help in all the right places

Hello I am in need of some help to start something new.

My sister is in the Order of the Holy Cross and they pray for priests and seminarians. I asked her if there is an order that prays for nuns, consecrated and those who have not yet made their vows. She said why don’t you start one.
So that’s where you all come in.

First I am in need of a prayer for nuns etc.

Second I need people who would be willing to pray for a year for a nun or consecrated.

Third if you know of a nun that would like to be prayed for or someone who is looking into a religious vocation for women.

I have several names already.

I am most in need of people that will commit to pray for the year.
If you are interested please let me know.

Is there only one person on this forum that is up for this?:frowning:

DH and I pray for the Church every day. I’ll add prayer for nuns and other religious vocations (including holy marriages) to my nightly rosary list of petitions.

my Mother my Confidence,

Thank you!

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