Looking For Ideas for Adult Confirmation Gift for Hubby


Hi, My hubby is going to be confirmed next week. Yeah. (Miracle of Miracles) Anyway was wondering if anyone knew of some good confirmation gifts for adults. I seem to find lots of ideas for children not so many for adults. Thanks in Advance.


Congrats!!!:clapping: :bounce: :dancing: :extrahappy:

My DH did his last year, a great miracle of the Lord.

Well the best gift, in my opinion, for a newly confirmed is a great book of another catholic. I’ll give you a few titles… The Fathers of the Church by Mike Aquilina, Saint Francis of Sales, Saint Augustin, Francis of Assisi, Saint Martin of Porres, any Pope John Paul the Great book or a DVD on his life. Scott Hans, who is also a convert, is an unbelievable writer and has many titles you can choose from. You see becomming catholic is one thing, continuing to keep that torch lit is another. reading great books, really helps to keep us on the road. God bless



Check here for some different ides. Lots to choose from.


It’s hard to go wrong with a statue of his patron saint, and maybe a biography to go with it, if either are available. It’s hard to find some of the lesser known saints, but an internet search will probably turn up something.


A fancy gold family bible, complete with pictures, big text, and a place in the back for the family tree and birthdays.

From a piratical standpoint its much more convenient to have a little bible by your bed. Its a little bit pricey but it is a good symbol of family unity and great to read out of to kids.


Last year I got my DH a beautiful “manly” rosary… because every Catholic needs a rosary! It’s now one of his most treasured gifts. :slight_smile:


These Bibles are goregous. firesidecatholic.com/bibles_librosario.html The New Catholic Answers Bible has apologetics pages too (in case he has to answer questions from non-catholic family/friends :thumbsup: ). The Bibles feel great in your hands, the covers are so soft.

www.amazon.com has good prices on them.

A year’s subscription to the Magnificant is a great gift.

A Rosary is a good idea, or a medal of his patron.


A chain and medal with his Saint would be a good choice.

Congrats to you both! :thumbsup:


I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful gift ideas. I went with the book suggestion The Fathers of the Church by Mike Aquilina
Thanks again. Hubby has his retreat (and first confession) tomorrow. Then Sunday is the big day!:smiley:

Thanks again and have a great Day

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