Looking for info!

I work odd hours, around the clock sometimes. These hours sometimes run 24/7. I would like to find a web site that will allow me to download Catholic Apoligetics into my MP3. Rather than read, I can listen and hopefully learn. I want to know how to answer some non Catholic questions with scripture. Thanks for your help, gil

PS I’m not new to Catholic Answers, it’s just been along time since we talked.


You can check my blog, A Catholic Ipod. Check the podcast page, you can subscribe to podcasts & most podcasts you can download the mp3s from their page. I am also working on a mp3/audio directory, I hope to have lots more listed soon.

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I used to download the Catholic Answers Q&A shows and listen to them (go to the radio tab at the top of this page)

You may want to check out these free MP3’s from Bible Christian Society. They are excellent! :thumbsup:

There’s a sticky on the forums with all kinds of sources for MP3 downloads etc. Go here:

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