Looking for JW's "Reasoning from the Scriptures"


Does anyone have JW’s Reasoning from the Scriptures in any electronic form?

I’d like to have it very much

Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t think they will do it. such is their interpretation of the bible ,they will leave themselves wide open for ridicule, but then again some might see sense and convert.


I never did figure out why they didnt have that book online (I have wanted to at least flip through it myself), there really is no excuse for them not to have an electronic version unless they simply dont want “outsiders” to study those books on their own.


I think that you need to be ‘guided’ through the bible study, so that you fully understand what is being taught.


I’ve got it finally.

Not as a “pdf” but in a software form.

It’s great to have it! :thumbsup:


where is it located online?


Stylite here from the forum gave me the link for that. I tried it and it works perfectly.

I got there from this page, it alone is great!


It’s in the left column just under the picture which is there.

This is the direct link:


I downloaded it and burnt it on a CD.

Lots of other books included.

Any questions welcomed :thumbsup:


Most of their stuff is public access. A few books are for JW use only. Primarily:

  1. Reasoning From the Scriptures - this is their quick answer book for anything that comes up in the field. It also is full of tips on how to get different types of people to let them talk.

  2. Organized to do Jehovah’s Will - newly baptized JW’s get this. Its basically a handbook of how JW life should be organized.

  3. Our Kingdom Ministry - this is a monthly newsletter that reports stuff like how many hours of preaching were done in a month etc. I think it also contains the study material for their ministry meeting, as well as more pointed articles aimed at motivating JW’s.

  4. Shining as Illuminators in the World - those who qualify as “pioneers” get this book. It gives advanced witnessing tips and other similar advice.

  5. Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock - This is the Elders handbook. Contains stuff on how to conduct investigations and disfellowshipping as well as normal shepherding advice.

Starting next year only one of the two Watchtower magazines per month will be public access. The second one will be JW only.


Thanks Stylite,

very very shortly - what’s your connection with the JW? Have you been one? Do you know someone?


No, I’ve never been a JW. I had some discussions with various ones that have woken me up on Saturdays and did the bible study thing with an elder for a while until he got tired of it. :smiley:

Otherwise, I like collecting their really old books sort of as a hobby and also to show unsuspecting JW’s what the Watchtower used to teach.

Hopefully a few seeds have been planted here and there. Anything to help get these poor souls out of that organization. Its a very controlling and cultlike atmosphere they are in.


From what I have read here I think it would be a good idea to read the Reasoning book so we can be prepared to answer them.



I wanted to know what I can expect so that I can be prepared…

You know… “always be ready” (1 Pet 3,15) :wink:

Maybe I could make a pdf of it and give a link to it here…


:thumbsup: Please do make a link. I would be very glad if you would so I and others can quickly download it.
The link given earlier for the whole package of books is like half a gig.


Ok, I’m working on it


Reasoning from the Scriptures” here!

It’s a *.doc format

The link is here:


PS: the page index at the end doesn’t correspond to the actual page numbering in the document

PS2: If someone wanted to make the page numbering in the document fit the page numbering in found in the index at the end, it would be very welcomed :wink: Just an idea… not necessary at all.

At least we’ve got the book :thumbsup:


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