Looking for liturgical music on cd

Can anyone recommend traditional Catholic liturgical music cds? I’m looking for a collection to purchase music and download them for my special needs son. Incidentally, he enjoys listenining to traditional hymns sung at church on YouTube.

I’ve already purchased the Gregorian Chant, but wanted to add more songs/ albums to his list.



there’s something called latin mass for nostalgic catholics.

i also have sacred choral works by franz liszt. i HIGHLY suggest to buy your son some palestrina. seriously, anything by palestrina. i like missa papae marcelli the best.

also, you may wanna check out missa luba which is congolese catholic music. it’s something different but pretty cool IMO

This may be a good one to try:

In fact, there is a whole series of these called “Catholic Classics”.

I believe these sisters also have a Lent CD.

Learn how to download Youtube videos as Mp3s and burn them on CD’s. You’ll save money and will be able to essentially make them customized.

I might also suggest checking with your public library. You might be surprised with what they have. Also, many libraries will take requests for specific items.:wink:

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